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  Greek Alphabet v. 1.0

A very simple utility that puts the Greek alphabet on the screen.

  wwDateClock v. 2.2

A "DeskBand" application that shows the date and time (for your local time zone and one other time zone of your chosing) in the taskbar. Version 2.2 offers full integration with Windows XP "themes" and permits some customization of the date/time display. Intended to replace the standard System Tray clock. [Win98,NT4,ME,2000,XP]

  Tiny Elephant v. 2.1

A "System Tray" application including a calendar (with reminders), a quick notes function, various conversion functions (including a currency converter), access to numerous dictionaries and other reference works, a calculator, a stock tracker, and a considerable variety of geographical, climatological and demographic information. Version 2.1 corrects a few minor bugs that existed in v. 2.0. [Win98,NT4,ME,2000,XP]
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